The Hush

My latest acting project is the MediaCorp Channel 5 Original Series titled, The Hush.

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A brand new drama series! Before dawn, the body of an unidentified 16-year-old boy is found floating in the swimming pool of The Hush. In the hallways, neighbours trade whispered gossip as an investigation takes place, unraveling tensions and long-buried secrets of the residents. Who was the boy? How did he die? Will the lives of the residents ever be the same again?


Selena (30s), a Strategic Consultant, rents the apartment vacated by Jeremy and Yen Leng. She keeps to herself and the residents know little about her, gossiping about the fact that she sleeps during the day, likes to dress up and go out late at night. She causes a mini-scandal when she goes for a swim in the pool right after moving into The Hush, when no one else would go near it.

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