Be Ready Yesterday

I just wrapped my latest project slated to be out this August and it was a very meaningful project in many ways.This will be the first time, Malaysia would see me act.  I loved the feeling of stepping on to a set and being part of an ensemble cast talented in their own right. I got to work with the industry’s best directors who never fell short of their commitment first in, last out. I put on an immense sense of pressure and the urgency to deliver in every way; my attitude behind the scenes and my performance in front of the camera.  If there was any thought that came to my mind, it would be this: Be Ready Yesterday.

All the experiences that had led me to my first day on set would prove to be a deciding factor if I could “make it”. That’s the expectation these days, even if you’re new, you’re expected to deliver. Even if you feel it is unfair when you’re starting a new job or new role, but it is opportunities like this which will help you polish those skills and shine bright like a diamond.

How do you prepare before you even know what to do?

Take in your surroundings and your environment. I noticed that the ones who generally thrive with a lack of experience by using their environment and EQ to assess the situation and adapt quickly. Their work ethic is sound, they prepare by being vigilant of the pros, the experts and learn by example. Those who tend to keep their heads down or up (arrogantly) miss out on the finer details and generally miss the mark.

Be in a Position to Learn.

People tend to downplay their role when it is minuscule relative to the big players. But it doesn’t mean you are less important or integral to the bigger picture. Although I may be using a small role in a production as an example, but it could be applied to corporate environments, assistant vs. CEO, intern vs manager. Learning on the job without much added pressure can prove to be beneficial. Learning on someone else’s dime is even more worthwhile! Someone is paying for your education. It’s always a lot easier to make mistakes in a small way when no one is looking. Always take in everything and don’t forget to ask lots of questions.

Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.

Be Receptive to Advice

I believe people have good hearts. When they see someone new in their environment the majority will tend to offer some advice or lend a helping hand. Unless they are assholes that want to watch others fail then may God bless them. I find that the younger generation has a difficult time following instructions because of the overconfidence they feel from access to information on the internet. Back in my day, you’d have to go to the library and look through the encyclopedia to find out anything new. Now people Google shit and they pro AF. But here’s a tip: Sometimes its actually not about the advice itself, but the reception of it and the relationship you build from it. Your attitude and perseverance is what will impress your bosses and your superiors.

From my experience on the receiving end, it has been an amazing experience to have so many mentors and coaches along the way to absorb some of the pain and forewarn some of my own mistakes. I have never felt more blessed that I have these people guiding me through different stages of my career to where I am now. This is where you humbly accept that someone with more experience would be able to bestow nuggets of information to help you accelerate your own career. Of course you will never fully understand the true meaning success without a few falls, bruised egos and missed opportunities. But I say, those stories will help craft your own journey. No matter where you start and no matter where you end, it’ll prepare you to be ready for your next project. Then that’s how you become ready, yesterday.