Short Cuts

I’ve been feeling rather annoyed these days, it seems everyone wants a shortcut to everything. A quicker faster route to work, a shortcut to a great career, a shortcut to a good body or even meeting someone. We keep idolising success and want to fast track our journey because we see others around us in a place which we see ourselves, but no one wants to work for it.


Pay your dues.
People talk crap about each other but still do nothing about it. What is it about working from the bottom that people are allergic to? Suddenly everyone thinks that they need to start at the top. It’s great that you have big goals, but if you don’t take the steps to get there, you almost set yourself up for failure when your expectations don’t match reality. I’ve interned, driven crappy cars and even been fired from jobs, I’m not saying that you have to do all these things in order to succeed but everyone starts somewhere.


2005: This little chubster ate a few too many bowls of chicken rice in her interning days at 8TV. #humblebeginnings

Leaving things to chance.
I can guarantee you that sitting at home and not doing much in your life will produce nothing. If you are passionate about a career, if you have a hobby that is your life calling, then bleed what you love. Create something and build it. Connect with a community that enjoys the same thing you do. Find out how you can change the world. Make your moves and that’ll get you closer to what you want to do.

if you have a hobby that is your life calling, then bleed what you love.

Stop making excuses.
As I always quote, “Beyonce has just as many hours as you do”. It is true. We play the cards we are dealt and you can continue to make excuses but if you don’t change anything or even attempt to knock that wall down, you’ll end up in the same place. Not all of us have been given a head start and even that is relative. You can keep comparing your entire life and you’ll learn that there’ll be someone who’s got their life made and another is working like slave to make that happen.

I was angry when I started writing this post but now I feel much better (thanks internet for letting me vent). I’m generally an optimist and I think having hopes and dreams are amazing, but if you’re always trying to find shortcuts to the good stuff, you don’t realise that the tough times are actually what builds a good foundation to what you want to achieve in life. You can work smarter, but it still involves work.