Be Ready Yesterday

I just wrapped my latest project slated to be out this August and it was a very meaningful project in many ways.This will be the first time, Malaysia would see me act.  I loved the feeling of stepping on to a set and being part of an ensemble cast talented in their own right. I got to work with the industry’s best directors who never fell short of their commitment first in, last out. I put on an immense sense of pressure and the urgency to deliver in every way; my attitude behind the scenes and my performance in front of the camera.  If there was any thought that came to my mind, it would be this: Be Ready Yesterday.

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Brave New World

It’s 2017 and the Rooster Year is finally here!

My new motto for this year is: Brave New World.

I found this phrase quite apt and coincidentally timed perfectly as the world around us has quickly changed along with America’s latest president. It seems like dystopian literature written as sci-fi decades ago are foretelling the kinds of news we read today. It’s difficult to abstain from commenting on people’s perceptions and the more you read, the more you get sucked in. The more you step away the more you feel distant from others. This is our world and we must overcome and deny pessimism. It’s the perfect time to make a stand and continue to affect generations of people.

I say again, let’s celebrate and be brave. Build your courage to step above your own insecurities and try things for the first time. Learn along the way and have people be part of your journey. If there’s anything I’ve learnt in this world is that people love seeing others progress and succeed.

I have felt the kindness of many strangers along my journey and I feel it is my duty to be able to share what I can, when I can to whomever seeks it. Not because I am any kind of expert but that my learnings should never be kept a secret but instead shared with others so the mistakes I’ve made can be improved and that others won’t have to trip on that same spot.

Being “on top” doesn’t mean staying there and kicking everyone else around you down. Jealousy feeds insecurity but if you want to be brave, it means standing tall and facing adversity with the right step forward. That is exactly what I want to do and what I believe is my motto for this amazing new year!

I hope you will all join me as I begin to implement this on my social media platforms:


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Validate Me

I’ve noticed that I’ve been very “judgy” as of late. (I’m the quintessential ENTJ in the Meyers-Briggs personality test), I think my judgemental quality stems from being conscious of how I portray myself in public which then makes me look/judge others in the same way. Especially since I’m in my 30s and I have friends of the same generation, it often baffles me when I see people seeking for validation in the oddest ways. Are we still in high school?

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Bring it!

I started out my career in Malaysia with insecurity and fear of judgement. I was also in my early 20s, beaming confidence while hiding many pockets of self-uncertainty and a bit of luck in the genetics lottery. My hustle was often predicated on being two steps ahead of poverty. After purchasing a one-way ticket, I had no choice but to succeed.

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The Cost of a Hustle

Everyone always preaches about how people should follow their dreams and pursue happiness. I’m a huge believer in it, don’t get me wrong, its just that dreams come at a cost. The struggle and the sacrifice you make for what you want is visceral, tangible and usually irreversible.

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